Vitória, ES

October 28 to December 20 2015

Tuesdays to Fridays from 9AM to 8PM (entry until 7:30PM)

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 10AM to 7PM (entry until 6:30PM) 

December 19 and 20 only until 6PM

To celebrate the month of children and its first year of activities, Centro Cultural Sesc Glória presents the 1st MACLI collection – Exhibition of Contemporary Art in Children’s Literature.

With curatorship by professionals working in the field of literature and visual arts, MACLI has passed through the states of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, as well as Brasilia, before arriving in Espírito Santo in this unique edition, which includes an artist from Espírito Santo, fifteen new works from its archive and interactive features such as QR code captions and a Libras video guide.

Forming a connection between visual art, music and literature, this exhibition
brings together artists from Brazil, Argentina, Israel and the United States, and
stands out for its own poetic language. Its artworks take flight starting from the literary creations on which they are based and constitute independent narratives, conquering children of all ages. It is, therefore, an exhibition aimed not only at a

young audience, but at everyone whose imagination is attracted by the dreamlike universe and its total freedom.

With this exhibition, Centro Cultural Sesc Glória confirms its commitment to bringing to the public a schedule aimed at diversity and dialogue between different professions, languages and proposals, stimulating artistic fruition and consolidating itself as another important centre for the spreading of visual arts in Espírito Santo.



National Sesc Department


President of National Board 

Antônio Oliveira Santos


General Director 

Carlos Artexes Simões


Education and Culture Coordination Director 

Nivaldo da Costa Pereira


Culture Manager 

Márcia Costa Rodrigues


Technical Culture Coordinator for the State of Espírito Santo 

Marco Aurélio Lopes Fialho


Visual Arts Technical Assistant 

Lúcia Mattos 

Caroline Souza 

Leidiane Carvalho


Regional Department of Sesc in the

State of Espírito Santo


President of the Regional Board 

José Lino Sepulcri


Director of Regional Department 

Gutman Uchôa de Mendonça


Culture Manager

Beatriz de Oliveira Santos


Culture Coordinator 

Colette Dantas


Unit Manager 

Carlos Antônio Pereira Bermudes


Visual Arts Technical Assistant 

Elaine Pinheiro

Renan Andrade


Visual Arts Trainees 

Giani Piol
Thaís Oliveira



Creation and General Coordination 




Aline Pereira 


Flavia Corpas




Fernando Vilela 

John Parra 

Juliana Bollini 

Luciano Feijão 

Ofra Amit 

Renato Moriconi


Music Composition 

Rubens Tubenchlak


Executive Production 

Felipe Caetano Soares


Local Production 

Zana Barberá


Production and Build Up Assistant 

Ravi Tubenchlak


Build Up 

Tuca Sarmento


Expographic Project 


Luam Lopes Tubenchlak


Graphic Design 

Bady Cartier 





Suitability of Exhibition Space 

Guerra Marcenaria



Art Clamur Comunicação Visual


Material Educativo 

Stela Barbieri (concepção e texto) 

Fernando Vilela (concepção e texto)


Educational Material 

Jefferson Bruno Moreira Santana



Edson Chagas


General Review

Hebe Coimbra



Adi Gold

John Andrews



Studio da Ouvidor



Beatriz Bueno 

Ednara Trancoso 

Ian Rocha 

Karenn Amorim 

Luca Peçanha

Lucas Salles 

Rauêna Servare


Special thanks to 

Antonia Ratto

Haroldo Rêgo

Marcelo de Castro Fonseca