Flavia Corpas (Rio de Janeiro, 1976) is a curator of visual arts and a psychoanalyst. She is a Postdoctoral Researcher with the Science of Literature Programme at UFRJ and has a PhD in Clinical Psychology from PUC/RJ. From her work as a curator, the following stand out: the exhibition ‘’Almost here’’ (Oi Futuro Flamengo/2015), by the artist Daniel Senise; the 66th April Salon (Centro Cultural Banco do Nordeste/2015); the exhibition ‘’Walter Firmo: a gaze over Bispo do Rosário”, by the photographer Walter Firmo (Caixa Cultural RJ/2013; Livre Galeria/2014); MACLI - Exhibition of Contemporary Art in Children’s Literature (SESC Glória/2015; SESC Paraty/2014; Caixa Cultural SP/2013-2014; Caixa Cultural DF/2013; Livre Galeria/2012); Every artist is an imposter, by Lula Wanderley (Livre Galeria/2011), SESC Art 24 hours (Cais do Porto-RJ/2010); To Women: their desires (Casa Alejandro de Humbolt, Cuba/2009) and the project Cartographies of Creation (RJ and RS/2008-2015). She has been the curator at Livre Galeria since 2011, a cultural space dedicated to articulation between contemporary art, outsider art, psychoanalysis and literature. She is the organiser and coordinator of research for the books ‘’Arthur Bispo do Rosário: art beyond madness’’, by art critic Frederico Morais, and ‘’Walter Firmo: a gaze over Bispo do Rosário, by the photographer Walter Firmo, both released in 2013.



Aline Pereira works as an editor, as well as an editorial and literary consultant, working on text revisions and translations in San Francisco, California, where she has lived since 1996. Her clients include companies, NGOs and individuals, in the United States and in Brazil. Aline was the content editor of PaperTigers.org, a renowned website and blog on multicultural children’s literature from 2004 to 2010, during which period she participated annually in the Children’s Book International Fair of Bologna and was the curator of an electronic gallery devoted to the work of children’s and teenager’s book illustrators. Her work in the literary agency Andrea Brown, between 2011 and 2012, evaluating and reviewing projects for children and teens, also contributed to her passion for children’s literature and her sensitivity for cultural and linguistic nuances. In addition, she served as a jury member for the Children’s Literature Award of Scholastic Publishers, SABA 2011 (Scholastic Asian Book Award), and as co-curator of this first MACLI. Aline is particularly interested in the relationship between image and language, in multiculturalism and cross-culturalism, and in the educational potential of new publishing technologies.




A multimedia artist, Fávish (Niterói, 1969) has lived in Rio de Janeiro since 2001. A theatre graduate at CAL (The Laranjeiras House of Arts), he also studied a bit of literature at UFF (Federal Fluminense University) and Law, at Estácio de Sá University. Professionally, he has worked as an actor, director and theatre adapter, set designer and producer of cultural events. He won the award for best set design at the 5th Coca-Cola Infant Theatre Awards and was nominated for the award of best actor at the 1st Coca-Cola Youth Theatre Awards. In 2011 he opened a gallery/publishing company (Livre Galeria) and published his first children’s book as an author and illustrator (The Goddess, the Hero, the Centaur and the Just Measure, published by Livre Galeria). The book won 1st prize at the National Library Foundation’s Glória Pondé Awards for the best book of the year in the infant category, and 3rd place at the Ganymedes José Awards, awarded by the Brazilian Writers Union – RJ, for the best infant’s/children’s book. In 2012 he created MACLI. MACLI is already... well, as you can see, MACLI is also going very well, thanks!​