Ilustração de Fávish, "O Espelho"
Work by Fávish

The 1st MACLI archive – Exhibition of Contemporary Art in Children’s Literature is an itinerant exhibition whose works (almost all part of the private collection of Studio de Ouvidor) turn towards the universe of children’s literature in a direct dialogue with contemporary art. There are eight participating artists (7 visual artists and 1 musician), with 5 from Brazil, 1 from the United States, 1 from Israel and 1 from Argentina.  All the participating works are signed by their creators, on the front or back, or feature a stamp of authenticity.


Various techniques are used (acrylic on canvas or illustration board, oil on wood, woodcut, photography, sculpture and digital drawing) in the search for their own procedures, materials and poetics. Sometimes the artist makes use of more than one of these techniques to arrive at the final product. The result might be a beautiful fine art print, a sculpture or an original painting.


The intention of this project is to build a cultural heritage that can be made available to the general public - initially in an itinerant form, but in the not so distant future in a permanent form as well -, so that artworks such as the ones shown here, of rare potential (as well as beauty), are no longer limited to the universe of books for which they were originally created. Such works leave the pages, gain their own life and circulate with grace and ease throughout the universe of contemporary art, showing the talent of their creators, the strength of their images and the power of literature to produce artistic and cultural connections that break any borders.