Rubens Tubenchlak

Rubens Tubenchlak (Rio Branco, 1968),, a violinist and composer, is active in the areas of contemporary music, theatre and cinema. He composed the soundtrack for the theatrical play ‘’Damned Corners of Maldoror’’ (2001), as well as the folk opera ‘’Lilith and Laio’s Dream’’ (2007) and the soundtrack for the film ‘’Art, Culture and Sensibility’’, among other work. He was awarded at the 20th and 21st Contemporary Brazilian Music biennales for a work for a quartet of strings (2013), and another for a mixed group with 8 members (2015). He is also a founding member of AMMC (The Chamber Music Association Movement). From the field of infant’s literature, stand out his compositions and arrangements for the Literary Circulation, sponsored by FUNARTE and the Ministry of Culture, based on the poems from the book ‘’The Goddess, the Hero, the Centaur and the Just Measure’’ (Livre Galeria publisher, 2011). As a violinist he took part in the 15th Biennale of Contemporary Brazilian Music and is a member of the duo Laranjeiras – Icaraí, with the violoncellist Nora Fortunato, and of the duo Salles Tubenchlak with cellist Janiana Salles.