Ofra Amit

Ofra Amit is an Israeli artist who lives and works in Tel Aviv. She holds a degree in Visual Communication and since 2000 has been working in illustration. Her works have already been exhibited in the Children’s Book Fair of Bologna (2010) and published in countless magazines, such as 3X3 Magazine, Communication Arts and Society of Illustrators. She received the Golden Medal for Children’s Book Illustrations from the Israel Museum (2010) and the IBBY Honour Award (2010). In 2012, the book “Bruno. Il bambino che imparò a volare” (published by the Italian Orecchio Acerbo Editore), written by Nadia Terranova and illustrated by Ofra, won the Napoli Prize for “best book for kids and teens”. Ofra frequently holds lectures on her work, in universities and design schools. Her works, created using her favorite technique, acrylic paint on paper or card, are transformed into limited edition Fine Art Prints after being published in children’s books. These have been purchased by both expert and amateur art collectors who, as if hypnotized, never cease to appreciate the “familiar strange” which inhabits them. In 2012 the publisher Peiópolis released the book ‘’Wings’’, in which Ofra signs authorship of the images.



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